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What does Electrode do? As a fast electric type, Jolteon outclasses it in almost every way, sans a bit of speed and Taunt.
that is why Jolteon is in a higher tier.. but Electrode outspeeds Choice Scarf Passimian, which is quite good given its by far the best Pokemon in the tier, and can easily 2HKO it with Volt Switch into Thunderbolt.
There are some mons like Farigiraf that I almost haven't seen at all so I might be wrong about them but here is my personal ranking:

S Rank

:passimian: Passimian - greatest mon in the tier imo, fighting type, knock off, u-trun, etc.
:sandaconda: Sandaconda - almost needed because of the lack of ground types

S- Rank

:bruxish: Bruxish - Wave Crash and Psychic Fangs are insanes STABS
:vaporeon: Vaporeon - still don't die in this gen (and check Bruxish)

A+ Rank

:dudunsparce: Dudunsparce - Boomburst is great and it has some other cools options
:eelektross: Eelektross - Levitate +paralysis immunity is great against Sandaconda, can be a Coil Sweeper or a cool Assault Vest
:frosmoth: Frosmoth - Quiver Dance is great in this tier, and steel types are no more a problem with Tera Blast
:medicham: Medicham - Huge Power thing
:muk: Muk - probably the best SpDef mon in the tier, can be used as Curse or as Tspikes setter with Haze for the Quiver Dance users
:rotom: Rotom - like Eelektross, levitate + paralysis immunity is awesome against Sandaconda, also Ghost type is cool for fightings types

A Rank

:bombirdier: Bombirdier - cool typing, access to Knock Off, Taunt, Rocks, Roost and U-turn, maybe a bit too slow
:chansey: Chansey - Chansey things, always useful
:clawitzer: Clawitzer - there are no switch ins to Tera Dragon + Dpulse Clawitzer, this thing is insane
:copperajah: Copperajah - best and only good steel type in the tier, also a great check for Dudunsparce or Ursaring
:drifblim: Drifblim - one of the rare Defoggers, cool check to fighting types
:jolteon: Jolteon - really good pivot since Sandaconda is the only Ground in the tier and it can use Tera Blast (or even Shadow Ball)
:mabosstiff: Mabosstiff - Stakeout is great to punish ghost types or fighting types with Tera Fairy, also being a faster scarf user than Passimian is cool

A- Rank

:braviary: Braviary - still a cool Defiant user that can also Defog, but a bit outclassed by other Flying types imo
:crocalor: Crocalor - great as an Unaware user, mandatory for stall
:lurantis: Lurantis - cool Defog user, can check some of the many electric types
:rotom-frost: Rotom-Frost - Electric - Ice coverage is awesome as long as you don't miss Blizzard
:scyther: Scyther - getting Close Combat helps a lot, also can be a nice offensive Defog
:toxicroak: Toxicroak - getting Close Combat helps also a lot, but it's still outclassed by Passimian and Medicham. Water immunity is cool tho
:vespiquen: Vespiquen - Nice option for stall as a Spikes setter, can Tera if its defensive type is bad
:zoroark: Zoroark - great mon combined to Passimian or other fighting types, I love the scarf set

B+ Rank

:abomasnow: Abomasnow - I think Snow is still interesting despite cetitan ban
:basculin: Basculin - cool mon but it lacks of coverage for Vap
:cacturne: Cacturne - I haven't saw Cacturne that much but it can be great with spikes, also it walls Bruxish and that's great
:lycanroc: Lycanroc - really cool Suicid Lead and has cool offensive options despite Sandaconda is every where
:oricorio: Oricorio - since Sensu and Pom Pom are banned, there is now an interest in using the fire one!
:quaxwell: Quaxwell - good bulk with Eviolite and access to Encore and Rapid Spin make him really useful
:qwilfish: Qwilfish - It has many options as a Spike setter, but still a bit weak
:spiritomb: Spiritomb - a ghost type that isn't weak to Knock off is cool, also can check Medicham and has cool movepool with CM or WoW+Hex
:tauros-paldea-combat: Tauros Paldea Combat - outclassed by other fighting types overall, but I like Bulk Up + Trailblaze sets a lot
:umbreon: Umbreon - Wish Pass is cool but a bit outclassed by Vaporeon imo
:ursaring: Ursaring - insanely bulk with Eviolite, really cool with Rest Talk, but outclassed by Dudunsparce as a normal type set up
:zangoose: Zangoose - nice breaker, it appreciate the fact that Sensu is gone

B Rank

:appletun: Appletun - interesting but Lurantis is better as a grass type imo
:beartic: Beartic - might be great in Snow teams but still a bit cheesy
:dachsbun: Dachsbun - I haven't seen it much, checking Fighting and Dark types can be cool but I'm not sure that is enough
:hattrem: Hattrem - Magic Bounce is useful but it's only a niche
:honchkrow: Honchkrow - less interesting since we can use Bombirdier, but it still can do the Sucker Punch thing
:perrserker: Perrserker - outclassed by Copperajah but still an interesting option as a steel type with U-turn
:whiscash: Whiscash - not the best option as a Spike setter imo, but ground type helps

B- Rank

:haunter: Haunter - really good Ghost type on the paper but it's outclassed by Rotom imo
:indeedee-f: Indeedee-F - cool mon with Healing Wish but lacks of power without Expanding Force (maybe it's better like this LOL)
:masquerain: Masquerain - Sticky Web is always interesting and Quiver Dance is cool too
:spidops: Spidops - Sticky Web + Spikes is really good but god this Mon's stats sucks
:veluza: Veluza - Fillet Away + Stored Power is interesting, but without Screens it lacks of bulk. Also Bruxish is better
:vivillon: Vivillon - Thanks to Tera Vivillon can still be interesting with Quiver Dance

C Rank

:camerupt: Camerupt - it's an option as a ground type, that's enough to have a niche lol
:crabominable: Crabominable - outclassed by other Fighting types, but can be cool in TR teams imo
:dugtrio: Dugtrio - it gets Swords Dance so I think it can be cool, also because it's a Ground Type
:electrode: Electrode - 150 speed and Tera Blast make it usable despite it's outclassed by Jolteon
:falinks: Falinks - again, outclassed by other Fighting types, but can be cool in Hyper Offense with No Retreat I guess
:farigiraf: Farigiraf - I haven't seen it that much, so I don't understand why everyone love it so much? I mean Double Dance is ok I guess
:flapple: Flapple - not great but it's powerfull if it doesn't miss
:glaceon: Glaceon - I think it can be cool in Snow teams for Blizzard Spam
:houndoom: Houndoom - cool mon but Vaporeon presence doesn't make it shine
:klawf: Klawf - once again, I don't understand why everyone use this mon. Koff + Rocks and Regenerator is cool but not enough imo
:pyroar: Pyroar - same as Houndoom
:rabsca: Rabsca - bad typing but Revival Blessing exists.
:raichu: Raichu - Outclassed by other Electric Types, but its access to Nasty Plot makes him interesting imo
:squawkabilly: Squawkabilly / Squawkabilly Blue - I love spamming Facade with Guts user
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Actually playing mons again so thoughts. Probably forgot some stuff but idc

S rank
:Passimian: - make sure to pay your taxes people
:Sandaconda: - if you don't pay your taxes the IRS will show up at your door
:eelektross: - This mon is a demon and personally my best mon in tier. Access to both pivoting moves, dragon tail to annoy the shit out of people, good offensive stats on both physical and special side with a VERY colorful movepool, coil for setup and list goes on. Mon has so many perks and very little cost to run it over something else.

S- rank

A+ rank
:Dudunsparce: - the goat

A rank - bunch of breakers and a few solid defensive mons

A- rank - hail + other decent stuff

B+ rank - slightly underwhelming, has potential
:Tauros: - the fighting one idk wtf its called
:Spiritomb: - insane defensive typing, very underexplored imo
:Lycanroc: - probably best HO lead with access to taunt and endeavor, solid power as a breaker

B rank - probably should stick to better options

B- rank - stay away
:jolteon: This stupid mon is very annoying to deal with if your opponent still has tera available, I think it should maybe move up to A+ because of the dearth of reliable checks to it
Thankfully is a lot more manageable if tera is out of the picture or they've already used it


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Got some games in with the new April drops, here's my personal stance on the metagame (only S and A ranks, the rest don't matter enough to talk about):

Ban Tier
:barraskewda: I would rank Barraskewda at S-, but if given the chance, I would vote to ban it. Even without Rain support, all-out-attacking sets with Life Orb or Choice Band just tear the tier to shreds, with very limited offensive or defensive counterplay. Not too much to say about it otherwise just very cut and dry too fast and strong for the tier.

S Tier
:eelektross: Ultimate Swiss-Army Knife Pokemon. Best defensive pivot, amazing Coil setup sweeper, amazing set diversity. Also beats Sandaconda.
:sandaconda: Top of the food chain as both a SR setter and Ground-type. Super potent setup sweeper, status spreader and absorber, and physical wall

S- Tier
:florges: A bit hesitant to rank a new Pokemon this high, but Florges has an absurd stat spread and BST, with the Fairy-typing we were lacking so hard (shoutouts to Dachsbun). Calm Mind sets are super consistent, especially with Tera (Grass, Steel, Poison, etc.). Choice Specs sets are really cool with naturally great coverage. Florges' SDef allows it to 1v1 most special setup sweepers like Dudunsparce and Oricorio because Wish has more PP than Roost.
:passimian: Obviously still an amazing tier staple and one of the best revenge killers and progress makers in the tier, but I drop it a subrank due to its linearity and certain metagame developments like more usage in Tera Ghost Sandaconda, Rocky Helmet Poison Point Qwilfish (my child), and physically defensive Drifblim, as well as the introduction of Florges into the tier.
:vaporeon: Vaporeon was on a minor decline as it always does after being a top tier for a while; people run stuff that beats Vaporeon and it falls off, people stop running stuff that beats Vaporeon because it fell off, then Vaporeon comes back. Stuff like Toxicroak and Cacturne make its life miserable and other special walls like Muk, Chansey, and Umbreon just sit in its face all day. HOWEVER the introduction of Barraskewda and Floatzel give Vaporeon some more life, and Florges struggles to set up when Vaporeon can Haze its boosts and also Wish pass to teammates like AV Perrserker and Muk.

A+ Tier
:drifblim: Best Defog user by a lot, checks the broken Fighting-types, somehow beats Coil Eelektross 1v1, and is overall just a fantastic physical wall with a superb typing.
:muk: Muk is a great Florges check, boosting its value up a bit. I've been using a Tera Dark set with Toxic and TSpikes and it's been really good.
:rotom: Rotom keeps rising for me, faster than Passimian as a Choice Scarf user, amazing defensive profile (walls Sandaconda and pivots into Eelektross and Fighting-types) despite its meh stats, and really good at crippling walls with Trick and Will-O-Wisp / Thunder Wave. Tera-boosted Hex also goes crazy in a tier with no clerics.
:zoroark: Raising this because its just impossible to check. Tera Specs Dark Pulse is absurd and you still have to play the guessing games with Illusion which can lead to some super early OHKO's. Choice Scarf and setup sets are also really great, good speed tier and Knock Off are amazing tools.

A Tier
:bruxish: Honestly I find this thing more oppressively in RU, this metagame is just perfectly suited to deal with Bruxish.
:floatzel: Floatzel is worse than Barraskewda as a raw attacker, but its immunity to Burn and access to Bulk Up will probably make it a great breaker, especially with the right Tera type. Tera Electric will wall Drifblim and beat Vaporeon.
:jolteon: Raising this because being reliant on Tera is not inherently a bad thing, if when Terastallized you are nearly impossible to manage defensively.
:qwilfish: I want to rise this to A+ but I'm not sure if that's my personal bias or not.. punishes Passimian harder than anything else (although apparently some would disagree) and has broken Spikes and Toxic.
:scyther: Raising Scyther because he's simply better than everything in A-, amazing speed tier and offensive prowess, great fulcrum for VoltTurn cores, can Defog and has a ton of set variety on top of that.
tauros-paldea: This Pokemon really lacks an identity in a tier full of unique Fighters. Its stats are amazing and its movepool is good but yeah, weird Pokemon to build with.

A- Tier
:cacturne: Amazing anti-meta Pokemon. People should explore some bulkier sets.
:crabominable: Not seen as much anymore but still incredibly threatening tank, pretty much never dies without taking something with it.
:farigiraf: Cheese setup sweeper and nothing more. Maybe in the future a new set will be developed but as of right now, Choice Specs and Wish sets are both terrible.
:charizard: I predict this to be a solid breaker in the tier; it has very high BP moves and a nice defensive profile that will allow it entry a lot more often than you'd expect. Tera Hurricane or Grass Tera Blast sounds very difficult to switch into.
:haunter: Super broken but very difficult to pilot, I'm sure it will pop up a lot more in the later rounds of tournaments.
:lurantis: Echoing a nom in the VR thread, Lurantis is a phenomenal Defog user and breaker in its own right with Contrary Leaf Storm and Tera coverage. Frosmoth and Copperajah being gone means it doesn't need Tera Fire, and a bulky Grass-type is amazing in a metagame with Floatzel and Barraskewda.
:lycanroc: The dedicated lead sets are whatever, but SD Lycanroc is a huge threat, especially with Tera. Tera Ghost can flip the Passimian MU on its head and Tera Fighting nearly OHKO's even Sandaconda at +2 and Fighting Rock is great coverage.
:oricorio: Dropped this because I think it was overrated on the VR anyway, but it's just so mediocre as both a QD mon and Defog user and sometimes it has to do both? I just don't like it.
:perrserker: Copperajah at home. Has U-turn which is nice.
:pyroar: Similar to Crabominable, Pyroar isn't really seen too much but it's a very threatening Pokemon with limited defensive counterplay
:ursaring: Raising this due to its absurd stats with Eviolite. Even in MU's where it can't Bulk Up, it can still just 1v1 stuff with its great attack and bulk.

:clawitzer: There's enough Tera Steel and Fairy for this thing to be manageable now. Before it felt like every time it came in, Clawitzer got a OHKO, but not only do other Pokemon achieve this effect, but people now won't get caught offguard by a Dragon Clawitzer anymore.
:rotom-frost: Regular Rotom is better, Nasty Plot sets are just too slow compared to other setup sweepers like Bruxish and Tauros-Paldea.


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:florges: (Stat checking the entire tier, Florges is an insane addition. I'm unsure on how versatile it really is, but Calm Mind + Wish support alone give it a ton of uses across teams. Through sheer bulk alone, it'll end up still checking many foes that Copperajah was once tasked with checking, and Terastallization is great for sweeping by flipping many matchups on their heads.)


:barraskewda: (Inside of rain, it's a menace with no real counterplay. Outside of rain, it's a menace with slightly more offensive counterplay.)


:drifblim: (Echoing Togkey's sentiments, Drifblim is the format's most consistent Defogger and checks quite a few top-tier foes, i.e. Passimian and Toxicroak. It's a very telegraphed Pokemon is the only issue with it; you always know it'll have Strength Sap + Defog + status move + STAB attack. However, is that really an issue? Between Thunder Wave and Will-O-Wisp, Pokemon like Zoroark and Eelektross have to play it safe before they know how safely they can directly switch into Drifblim to take advantage of its passivity.)
:qwilfish: (Fantastic Spiker, great defensive answer to a TON of pivots such as Passimian and Scyther, and Terastallization even helps against foes like Bruxish and Barraskewda that may otherwise get by it.)
:rotom: (Use Rotom more.)


:chansey: (Yeah it has like no movepool at the moment, but Stealth Rock / Seismic Toss / Thunder Wave / Soft-Boiled is consistently good across matchups. Chansey just has so much bulk that it can deal with a lot even though it's really not threatening too much in return.)
:scyther: (Trailblaze sets are really potent sweepers, and honestly Scyther's not a half-bad Defogger especially if you pair it with Knock Off support to avoid Sandaconda just chipping you down the rest of the game with Rocky Helmet.)


:oricorio: (Not really a huge fan anymore of Oricorio. Its base typing sucks because you can never risk taking a Knock Off, and having Terastallization is a double-edged sword for it because of how prevalent Tera Steel Eelektross is.)
:perrserker: (It's better with Copperajah gone. I think Chansey still outclasses it a bit because Perrserker's bulk is just not that inspiring even when invested in, but it's not too bad of an option.
:vivillon: (You probably can get away with a different Tera type now that Copperajah is gone. Maybe not if Perrserker ends up being really prevalent. Regardless, I do think Vivillon is a bit underranked at the moment. Nearly perfectly accurate Sleep Powder is huge, and Hurricane being more spammable is also huge.)


:clawitzer: (Its competition is just better. Clawitzer will always remain really scary to play against because defensively, it lacks true answers. But, the speed holds it back a TON when you start comparing similarly strong attackers that share its typing.
:rotom-frost: (It's not that consistent and never was.)


I left it at B+ and above because I feel that spot is sort of the transition between what to reasonably expect in the tier and what starts to become more niche viable. Charizard I'm not sure on where I'd rank it yet, so he's not making an appearance.

Quick Note - I only ranked the NU mons +some of the mons below NU that I have seen commonly while playing.

Should be Suspected: The top 2, when they are choiced have 1 switch in. Florges has Muk (which if predicted, dies to 2 Psychics) and Bruxish has Vaporeon (but if it isn't dark tera, it dies to 2 Psychic Fangs). These two do not seem healthy for the metagame as now if you dont have Muk and Vaporeon on your team, you're losing a mon every time one of them come in. The only problem for Eel is the coil set. If coil was banned on Eel I can actually see Eel be healthy as an AV mon.

S: These mons can be plugged into any team and do their job extremely well. I could see an argument for Zoroark to be A instead however if there is no Florges on the enemy team its usually a free game.

A: These mons are very usable in the meta and, just like S, can pretty much be thrown onto any team. They aren't AS needed, or in terms of Zoroark's case, hard to play around, as the S mons as they have some flaws but are all really strong in the tier.

B: These are middle of the road mons that either get outmatched by other mons in the tier, or at the moment, get beat by better mons in the tier. They are still good however in a lot of cases though.

C: I might get some hate for some of the mons here in C (like umbreon for instance) but from my opinion, once umbreon lost heal bell and toxic, it kind of just... sits there and doesnt do much. With the amount of fighting types in the tier I dont see if doing much of anything. Besides that, the rest of the mons are either strong NFE mons, PU mons that found a decent place in NU, or mons that fell off imo.

D: These mons either have better alternatives for what they do, or I feel like they dont do much. Spidops is the only one I think could be argued to move up to C however it gets beat by all the removers in the current state of NU so what stops you from going Drifblim, Scyther, or Braviary and threatening them out and defogging webs away.

These are subject to change but at the moment these are my thoughts. Thank you for reading :)
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My 4/20 post has finally come

I decided to make a tier list since I've been playing the tier for a while now before Goodra was banned.

Suspect Tier: There are a few Pokemon others would put here, such as Zoroark and eel, but i personally think we have enough counters with them. Bruxish on the other hand only really has vapo, or Tera Dark Dry Skin Toxicroak. Bruxish is a mon that will get at least two kills a match if not more.

S: These Pokemon can be basically put into any team and perform their own individual roles the best in their class.

Eeletross has pivoting, a powerful coil set, many different move pools, and no weaknesses to top it off.
Drifbloom is the tier's best defogger.
Muk can handle pesky calm-mind & quiver dance users.
Zoroark goes hard with choice specs but obviously has the option with choice scarf.
Sandaconda Rocky helmet deals with physical attacks, paralyzing everything with glare, a powerful stab in earthquake, and rest shed skin to top it off.
Rotom is more likely the controversial pick of my S tiers, but i believe it's ability to abuse Sandaconda with its NPSub set, alongside a powerful choice scarf that beats Pokemon like Scyther, floatzel, and choice scarf bomber makes it a powerful threat in the tier.
Vapoeron is a great physical wall alternative to Sandaconda that sets itself apart by being able to counter Bruxish & Floatzel
Passimian rounds out the S tier, with it running pretty much one set, which is choice scarf. It's the best choice scarfer in the tier, with great offensive typing, powerful attacks in close combat, knockoff, earthquake, gunk shot, iron head, and U-Turn

A: These Pokemon have either similar roles to Pokemon in S tier that provide different options, or fulfill other roles that aren't as powerful

Toxicroak is a great swords dancer, that can swap into Pokemon like Vaperon and Muk to dance on.
Floatzel is our replacement for the Barra lost, fulfilling a similar role as a choice band killer. It simply isn't as amazing as Barra, but it does its job really well. It has the advantage of not being able to get burned as well.
Appletun is not a Pokemon I've personally experimented with, but I've come across it often and it can definitely be a pest.
Jolteon is a Pokemon I would recommend any team has if you aren't going to run Sandconda, as you likely aren't going to have any other electric immunity options. It has a powerful stab, and commonly runs ice tera to beat out Pokemon like Sandaconda and Appletun
can run a supportive glare roost stealth rock headbutt set, run as a coil user, or even a calm mind user. Overall a very unique threat that you can never be too sure what it's running
Mabosstiff runs choice band and stake out and blows stuff up, it's pretty simple. Florges leaving helps out since it doesn't have the coverage to take care of fairy types.
Scyther runs defog offensive pivot set or runs as a powerful swords dance user like Toxicroak.
Bombirder is my favorite Pokemon in the tier, and my personal pick for the best choice scarf user. It beats Scarf Passiman, Drifblim NP rotom, Toxicroak, Scyther, and other not so notable pokemon.
Ursaring has one powerful set in body slam, rest, sleep talk, and bulk up. A really hard-to-kill Pokemon, but it's entirely countered by ghost-type Pokemon existing. Play Rough instead of body slam is a strong option as well, but i believe it's STAB and 30% para is hard to pass up on.

B: Less Consistent alternatives of pokemon in A tier typically, but can be powerful in certain situations
Lurantis's contrary makes me giggle all the time because nothing feels better than swapping into a defog, gaining evasion, and watching the opponent take 90 seconds to do their next turn. It's best set IMO is Defog, tera blast electric, synthesis, and leaf storm. It's definitely a more offensive version of Drifblim but can be really inconsistent depending on the team your fighting.
Braviary fell off really hard but is still viable as a defogger, and can swap into defog for a solid attack boost.
Medicham is similar to Braviary which use to be really popular but has fallen off as the tier as gone on. It's a good choice scarf user or an all-out attacker, but overall there are better options.
Chansey sets up stealth rocks, spreads paralysis, and can 4hko any non-ghost type. Not much to really say, but is really intolerant to knock-offs.
Lycanrock is a Pokemon I can struggle to really see why people use him, to be honest. I would move him down to C but i think I'm just missing something with lycanrock.
Farigiraf is a stored power user, who will likely do nothing for your team or win the entire game.
Honchkrow is a cute little choice user, but there are much better alternatives, but moxie can make it super threatening.
Qwilfish is a Pokemon I may be convinced to move up to A tier, but for now, it's a great spikes and spikes user. Typically running surf over liquidation is great for countering sandaconda.
Claw is a special attacking version of mabo where it just blows stuff up, but cant really take damage as well

C and D I'm not gonna get into since they become a lot more niche. Charizard, Spidops, Oricorio, Tauros-Paldea-Combat, and Zoura-Hisi didn't make it into my tier list, but they are all C tier except for Zoura who is D.

First time posting on the forums, hope my formatting isn't too bad!

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I have been meaning to make a comprehensive personal NUVR and since I have some time to kill I thought I might as well share my thoughts :3
NOTE: Mons are not ordered within their tiers — VR excludes Indeedee-M & any potential impact it would have on the rankings
:eelektross: - AVs still the ultimate glue and Coils still a good wincon. One thing I’ll say about coil though is that there’s been a lot of adaption to it w/ all the Tera Fairy running around and in particular stuff like sub NPtom can fuck w/ you a lot with it
:Sandaconda: - Probably doesn’t need an explanation
:Passimian: - Probably doesn’t need an explanation
:Rotom: - One of the most reliable mons in the tier in multiple different roles with varying counterplay for each. As it turns out being a Volt Switch mon pays dividends in a meta that has only 1 real common ground that you can actively abuse (granted stedge can actually put on some offensive pressure.) Offensive potential aside it also fills a nice defensive role.

:Scyther: - I‘m at a point where thief feels borderline undroppable on this tbh. Otherwise this mon is still doing the same things it has always done, phenomenal at abusing U-Turn & Defogs also pretty fire on it. Non-Boots w/ Hattrems very cool, s/o Scarf Scyther.
:Vaporeon: - By all means a great mon but I think A+ is more appropriate than S- given its somewhat abusable tendencies. Ice Beams actually pretty decent when you can afford it to deny Cacturne and to an extent croak from abusing you too hard.
:muk: - Fat, spreads poisons, can act as a wincon, same old, etc.
:Qwilfish: - Good spiker & CC + U-Turn punisher. SDs pretty cool when you can afford it.
:Toxicroak: - This mon is god imo. Still has a myriad of lethal set up sets and I think there’s still room for exploration w/ more variants of frog.
:Zoroark: - I hate this mon <3, in the early game there’s no consistent way to play around this depending on what it’s paired with. One of the best breakers in the tier and a reason why I feel inclined to run a dark resist on every team.
:Bruxish: - Still a super lethal breaker, scarf is awesome, don’t have much else to say here.

:Cacturne: - Probably one of the more controversial placements but I think this mon is awesome. There’s actually a lot of room for customisation & the ability/dark typing give it some pretty cool defensive utility. I’ve been liking bulkier sets a lot as of late.
:Jolteon: - CM paired with STAB Boltbeam on base 130 speed = danger. Tera reliant but idc just off of threat level the mon is worthy of A to me opportunity cost or not.
:Ursaring: - Statchecks everything with eviolite and can act as a strong wincon or one of the strongest breakers in the tier with Flame Orb trailblaze take your pick. Super good Tera abuser too.
:dudunsparce: - I think I like coil/Physical sparce more than I do cm these days tbh, its just generally easier to fit w/ the utility of Body Slam para spreading & Dragon Tail is also a really good option to shuffle things around. In comparison to Eelektross not having your recovery blanked by Tera Fairy is lovely. CM is a threat but the great conundrum of finding a satisfying 6 mons w/ it included continues to plague me to this today.
:drifblim: - Probably ranking this a tad low for some people but more and more often I find myself looking towards other fogging options. It just doesn’t have the same monopoly it used to and while status spreading is certainly nice, it has some very solid competition right now. By all means still a good mon but it just doesn’t have the same meta presence the other A+ mons do.
:Lurantis: - It’s bulky, Contrary Leaf Storm along w/ Tera can make it relatively offensively threatening, and it’s one of the most reliable fogging options in the tier. Good MU into SR conda, good mon.
:Appletun: - Probably also somewhat controversial but honestly it’s not even easy to swap into it most of the time. Apple Acid + Dtail annoys basically everything and even Specs is scary. I’ll say that Croak is admittedly an annoyance for the usual dtail + apple acid stuff but even then it’s not like you can’t annoy it by shuffling things around with dtail.
:Tauros: - Has a number of cool traits and a much appreciated amount of natural bulk in comparison to other fighters. Building with it is a bit weird but I still think it’s pretty great. In particular it’s very good on HO imo.
:Haunter: - Simply put it has pretty good stats, a good typing, a good ability, and a good offensive toolkit. Encore Haunter is Jesus.

:Chansey: - Once again might be somewhat low for some people’s likings but this mon feels like too much of a highly abusable passive blob at times. Rotom being as popular as it is feels really nasty for the Stoss + Twave + Rocks stuff it usually wants to do and I’m at a point where I think it’s worth running Shadow Ball on it lol. Could even go a step farther and run Tera Ground to avoid forfeiting momentum to Volt Switch pressure. Kind of a cool option for Rotom, Magneton, and the AV Eels out there running Volt Switch over U-Turn. Even then you’re still liable to being tricked by the things you want to check e.g. Zoroark & Scarftom and completely ruined. Kinda lame imo.
:Umbreon: - This is probably absurdly low for a lot of people but my issues w/ Umb are the same as the ones highlighted above for Chansey. You do have demonic bulk and can pass wishes but god it can be so abusable and ultimately unreliable in-game.
:Medicham: - Can kind of be a scary breaker but usually not really between the nonexistent bulk, kind of shitty offensive typing, and mediocre speed tier. Usually would refer to one of the fighters in a higher tier before using this on a given team.
:oricorio: - Initial typing blows and makes it feel a lot shittier to use in comparison to its other banned Quiver Dancing brethren. I think it’s kind of disappointing more often than not truth be told.
:Bombirdier: - Spdef Utility sets on Birdier are cool, I like this mon a lot. It’s nothing too crazy overall though.
:Lycanroc: - SD Tera Grass stuff is hella dangerous. Tera Fight CC is something I haven’t gotten around to using but on paper sounds super threatening.
:Mabosstiff: - Used to think he was crazy back in alpha but over time I’ve mellowed out a lot. At this point it’s just another wallbreaker and can force a lot of progress on a good day. Icl damage output w/o Stakeout boost is a lot sadder than you’d like.

:misdreavus: - I think Missy is relatively underrated and I’ve liked the mon every time I’ve used it. Bulks good, a respectable speed tier, has some nice offensive potential w/ its set up if you can get it going and tools like taunt are also just nice.
:vivillon: - cringe cringe cringe. Stuff like Muk and Perrserker own you pretty badly but accurate Sleep + accurate Cane for confusions on a QDer can make it obnoxious. Tera giving it actual coverage is also appreciated here.
:Pyroar: - Warrants more use than it gets rn imo, speeds super nice & Taunts also just generally good. By no means is it anything spectacular but it’s a nice offensive mon, use the mon you’ll be pleasantly surprised.
:Magneton: - Overall just a pretty decent breaker. Analytic boosted moves are just generally good and Volt Switch in a meta where there’s only really one prominent ground (and not one that really checks things on the special side) is (believe it or not) pretty good. (See: Rotom)
:perrserker: - AV Perrserker is okay enough Copperajah cope. It leaves a lot to be desired more often than you’d like but Sharp Claws Fake Out is still a very good anti-offense tool & U-Turn is never bad. It’s okay.
:Rotom-Frost: - Lacks defensive counterplay but it’s also an Ice Type with a somewhat average speed tier if you want to set up w/ it while also competing with its base counterpart so bleh. It’s still a pretty decent Tera mon and wish recipient though, and Volt Switech + Ice Coverage in this tier is still not too bad. I think it’s still generally underrated to an extent for what its worth and the solid defenses are respectable w/ Tera + Wish pass into it courtesy of the shitty HP when you consider the offensive potency behind it.
:Hattrem: - Probably an eyebrow raiser given that It’s a Hattrem, but it’s also the mon that holds teams together when you want to run sets that necessitate rocks being off. It’s also just good into our premiere rocker w/ Conda so it’s relatively consistent at that anyways. B+ might be a stretch but I think just given how integral its support is to a lot of sets/teams I’m sticking with it. CM Dkiss is also kind of an okay mon in its own right tbh.
:Indeedee-F: - Diet Indeedee male and is perfectly capable of doing the same things but toned down.
:Clawitzer: - Notably worse than it used to be a while ago just cause we have more Tera Fairies running around to answer Tera Dragon Dpulse & wow does that speed tier come to bite you, but it’s still a very solid breaker and can go crazy w/ proper support.

B - Given that this is starting to reach a point where the mons are more niche I’ll keep these brief.
:Veluza: - Relegated to HO where it’s admittedly OK but still on the cheesier side.
:Farigiraf: - Same as above, I prefer Sap Sipper over Armour Tail these days to blank Appletun w/ Tera Fairy and fodder it.
:Crabominable: - Cool mon and an absolute demon offensively but speed tier holds it back a lot and it’s weird to build with.
:Vespiquen: - It’s fine but it’s Tera reliant and pretty flawed in general. Ability to slow pivot, toxic, & spike is still ntb though.

:Houndoom: - Pyroar 0.5, speed tier difference makes it a fair bit worse.
:Zangoose: - Be so fr this mon is not living more than 5 turns if you’re running Toxic Orb Facade & Belly Drum sets are cheesy and mostly bad.
:Spiritomb: - Pressures good and the typings alright but the stats are lacklustre and resttalk as recovery is dubious to say the least.
:Skuntank: - Muk 0.5 but NP and a ghost resist is okay enough to justify it outside of the Cs imo.
:Whiscash: - Taunt immune, Ground Type, and hazards are all nice! Unfortunately that’s where the positives end. For what it’s worth those positives are good enough to prevent me from C-listing it.
:Glaceon: - Better than you’d think as an offensive threat that doesn‘t need to be crippled by its poor typing stifling its otherwise good natural bulk and punishing its speed tier w/ Tera.
:Swalot: - o3o, very cool mon and acts as a Muk 0.5 with a legitimate niche in invalidating Drifblim’s primary form of recovery. That being said it kind of does feel like you’re running a suboptimal Muk just to fish for a Drifblim which imo has lost a bit of its luster in comparison to a lot of other fogging options. That being said Muk is a very good mon and you’re not *too* much worse and it is pretty alright insurance v blimp if a team wants it. I’ll also say that its kind of cool to be a Muk that doesn‘t invite Conda in the way Muk does as you’ve got the ability to nail it on the special side.

C+ - I would personally avoid using most of the things down here unless you really wanted to go out of your way to use them. Not going to bother w/ descriptions beyond this point

:Oricorio-Pau: - To be clear as a niche defogger not a QDer


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Thought I'd revive this since the tier has less than a day left before DLC gives us 1.5 decent NFE mons (and maybe some tutor/relearn moves?). They're not ordered within subranks.

my-image (53).png

S :rotom-mow: :goodra: :salazzle:
Rotom-C does the same thing it did last gen, except this time it has less mons to eat its pivot move. Goodra remains balanced and broken, Specs hits hard, Ebelt/Boots sets exist, and AV doesn't die; We still have no Fairies, but we do have 2 additional Steels (neither has recovery lol). Salazzle has that nice utility paired with a great Speed tier and good STABs.
:Heracross: :copperajah:
Heracross has 2 great sets that force durable Ghost-types that lose to the occasional Throat Chop. Copperajah is still a great SpDef wall with AV as well as being a good Rocker that can pair well with Coil Sandaconda.

A+ :Hariyama: :Orthworm: :mismagius: :umbreon: :grimmsnarl: :primeape: :jolteon:
Hariyama is fat and strong, what else is there to say? Orthworm is fun, it sits on 90% of Sandaconda (100% of Ladder Sandaconda), it's a Rocker and a Steel-type, we needed it. Mismagius is strong and fast, but very prone to [physical] priority, could be in A tbh. Umbreon got so much better thanks to all of the Psychic-types and general SpA attackers. Grimmsnarl still looks creepy and is a Fairy. Primeape is like Goodra and Passimian in one mon, but also very deadly lategame. Jolteon.

It is a quarter till 2 AM as of writing this so I'm just going to end it here and sleep. I encourage you to post your own VR, here's a link for the tier list.

e: Sanda is missing-- it goes in S
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My personal VR, also want to explain some of the placements:
Goodra and Mowtom I believe don't need an explanation for S tier, but I think Bruxish is right up there with them at the moment. Flip Turn makes it very hard to play around and a very effective pivot. Strong STAB moves paired with a Choice Scarf makes it the best revenge killer in the tier and also enables it's other powerful teammates.

Best Fighting type rn easily imo. From CB to Choice Scarf to BU, it can pull them all off amazingly and is immune to burns to boot. Powerful STABs and great coverage with Stone Edge and Earthquake make it a very good user of Choice items. Definitely my #1 used mon recently.

Dropped to PU sure, but make no mistake this is still one of the best mons in the tier. Both NP and SD sets are very scary, and even 4 attack sets are very good now due to Knock Off. It utilises the move very well with Tera Dark, which also allows it to blank the STABs of Bruxish and boost the power of its Sucker Punch. Life Orb sets are also better due to Shaymin and Healing Wish. Toxic Spikes absorption is also amazing in a meta with so much Knock Off.

Still very good even with the arrival of Palossand, I actually genuinely think it's better. Incredible at absorbing Knock Off since it doesn't really need Rocky Helmet that badly and still the best mon when it comes to absorbing status. Can still function well as a Coil sweeper also and has better matchups against certain mons such as Grimmsnarl and Qwilfish compared to Palossand. Sandorus-T is eternal.

Probably the most confusing placement on my list to many, but I genuinely think Muk is very good. Another Toxic Spikes absorber that functions very well as a special wall that is not really passive and makes good progress with Knock Off and Poison Touch (another great user of Tera Dark). Sticky Hold is also a valuable ability with all the Knock Off in the tier right now. It is a great mon into many of the setup threats in the tier right now such as Dudunsparce and Jolteon threatening them with Toxic or removing boosts with Haze. Also great user of Toxic Spikes itself as it can remove the opposing team's items. It doesn't have recovery that is reliable unfortunately which holds it back at the moment but still great at what it does. If Vaporeon ever comes back to NU, I can definitely see this thing soar in viability. Maybe I'm reaching a bit, but this mon has performed well for me whenever I use it so I think it deserves it's ranking.

A lot of mons in C rank I actually have not used or seen, but in theory they have a niche. Leavanny with Sticky Webs, Ludicolo on manual rain etc.
Some mons that are not here that I would also rank:
Poliwrath -> B
Rotom-Frost -> B
Swanna -> C
Hippopotas -> C (ig...)
Morpeko -> B-
Weezing -> B
Sandslash -> B+
Braviary -> B

The meta is everchanging and so are my opinions; there might be some things I would change later. For example Shaymin could be higher, part of me also believes Eelektross and Rotom-A could also rise a little bit but I suppose I will see. Thanks for making this WilhelmTheOkay :)
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Mons in tiers unordered

:Jolteon: Tera Ice is still just as broken as it was the first time we banned it.
:Salazzle: Too much set diversity, strong stabs and can provide utility for itself with toxic, knock, encore etc.
:Tauros-Paldea-Blaze: Best wincon in the tier by a large margin, potential S rank.
:Copperajah: Steel type, strong af.
:Altaria: Can sit on opponents forever and maybe cheese a few mons out giving you more wincons. Not the best offensive stats but it doesn't need them.

:Articuno-Galar: Very solid offensive option with beautiful stats. Double dance sets are also very potent, especially with tera to shore up weaknesses.
:Bronzong: Not having much success running defensive variants but IDP sets can be very problematic.
:Heracross: VERY oppressive, potential S- rank and is the clear second best fighting after pauros fire.
:Shaymin: Stat checks the tier, not much more to be said.
:Grimmsnarl: Very solid anti meta pick rn, offensive pivot sets are just as strong as they were a few months ago, and sub bu is very potent in some niche builds.
:Piloswine: Solid option and ice coverage does it wonders. Fighting weakness as a physically defensive mon is not the best but it does the job well.
:Poliwrath: Stall sets are very obnoxious. Suffers from the shaymin usage but can flip matchups on their heads with a few lucky circle throw rolls.
:Typhlosion: VERY strong.
:Sandslash: Above the other sand mons because I think it has more utility outside sand than the rest.

:Hippopotas: Grouping all the sand mons into this slot. I think the archetype is strong and consistent. Hippo being the only viable setter hinders it.
:Electrode-Hisui: Solid pivot, still the fastest mon in the tier.
:Glastrier: Room for A LOT of exploration with this mon. Can't see it breaking into the A ranks but it can end some matchups at preview. Set ambiguity also helps it a ton.
:Sableye: Solid disruptor.
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Mons are not ordered within tiers.
Excluded some uncommon mons I have genuinely 0 experience w, but nothing particularly relevant there.

Including some brief explanations for each mon on the rankings, not going to include shitters on the lower end of the B ranks and below:

S Tier
:goodra: - Obscene stats, obscene set diversity, etc. it's Goodra. w the loss of Umbreon I feel this mon entered some pretty worrying territory
:Jolteon: - Self-explanatory, broken cm wincon
:Salazzle: - Top tier progress-maker with a number of really strong options at crippling checks and owning bulky set up to some degree

:Copperajah: - It knocks, it rocks, the typings valuable, hits hard, elephant still does elephant things
:bruxish: - a scarfer that RKs Jolt from full and picks up momentum with Flip Turn while generally hitting hard, what more could u ask for rly. I don't rate other sets as much, but they're there too and offer some decent potential set diversity so it's not the most linear mon out there.
:rotom-mow: - Self-Explanatory, just not on par w the 3 I have in S proper imo
:tauros-paldea-blaze: - Strong CCs, Burn-Immune, Strong Wincon if you want to go the set-up route, Great phys bulk + intim, what more could u ask for rly
:Scyther: - Mon has been doing the exact same things it has been doing since the existence of NU, though now your good flying stab can miss so that's fun

A Tiers
:Toxicroak: - SDs just good af w how hard it hits and the ability to Sucker past offensive cplay. Movepools also pretty great and offers some pretty decent customization.
:shaymin: - tbh I think shaymins kind of broken, but in the grand scheme of things it's realistically less of a priority than Goodra/Jolt.
:Hariyama: - strong bulky wincon and good af knock off user, AVs a bit too prone to being worn down imo, but it's still a valid option for the obscene bulk you get out of it

:articuno-galar: - CMs a good wincon and Fsights cute with Umb out of the tier
:heracross: - The epitome of a fighter and just an all around consistent and good offensive mon. Florbs hella strong though personally gravitate towards boots/lefties w SD/Spikes just cause the chip is rly just that awful esp w rocky helmet + hazards and such thrown into the mix. Mons still strong w/o it and the longevity goes a long way imo.
:bronzong: - I value Heatproof a lot, weakness to knock kind of sucks, but overall think its still a very respectable steel option. Has some fun stuff it can do w set-up variants and techs like Trick as well.
:gligar: - Gligar feels atrocious and great simultaneously. Overall I like what the mon provides a lot, an obscenely fat Ground/Flying w spikes turn & knock is really nice for a lot of teams. Off of those traits alone I can't rly put it any lower, but he's flawed for sure. A bit too prone to taking knocks as an evio mon, pretty strapped for moves, occasionally prone to passivity, and also not something you want to use to check anything long-term. Having to run Flying Move to threaten the mons you want to check also sucks a fair bit. That said, still does enough good things so to the A tier he goes.
:Mismagius: - Relatively fast & strong ghost w good coverage + Respectable spd + set up + other lesser explored utility options, just all-around solid
:Decidueye: - Colbur Defogs still good all around utility, has a lot of offensive merit as well.
:Grimmsnarl: - Priority Pshot + Great STAB combo make for a great offensive pivot
:Qwilfish: - Does the same stuff it has been doing since Alpha and it still works, slowing down fighters a bit and spiking ups more valuable than ever imo. Flip Turn also deserves a shout as a nice addition for it.
:Orthworm: - EQ immune steel that barfs up hazards and can viably run set up, worm does worm things

:Altaria: - Somewhat mediocre stats, but wisp is pretty annoying and Perish Trap has a high ceiling.
:Sandaconda: - Not a bad mon per se, but tbh I really can't justify putting it higher. The presence of a lot more viable physical walls/grounds/rockers cuts into the necessity that made the mon god for a while. Conda ofc still has Glare + Set-Up options, but my main problem overall w the mon is just how exploitable it is by some mons you don't rly want to be letting in like that. Mainly referring to Shaymin and Mowtom who abuse snake pretty badly and neither are really things you want to have 0 way to punish w/o a double. Rest is also very exploitable w bad shed skin turns and idk as a whole he feels too flawed for any of the higher tiers.
:sneasel: - Pretty scary albeit pretty fragile mon. Struggles to make immediate progress vs Ros but tbh Knocking its still hella good. The Speed tiers pretty dangerous and it hits pretty hard for a mon w base 95.
:Qwilfish-Hisui: - Valuable defensive traits for sure, but don't love the dependance on evio + rly don't love how spikes weak it can feel
:dudunsparce: - Idrk what to think about this guy, I haven't seen him all too much since he's been freed tbh. I think more than anything everything having knock off and hazards being really easy to stack sucks a lot for its longevity and attempting to sweep w it. We also have a lot of strong breakers who can sorta muscle through it if need be + fighters to force it to tera + even lazzle encore/tox as a panic button if need be.
:palossand: - Solid mon, tho admittedly feels a bit on the passive side unless you're fishing for (and getting) poisons w sludge bomb
:Tatsugiri: - The negative def and average-ish speed hurt it. Still a scary mon though as it does hit quite hard at +2. As a Rapid Spinner it's not particularly consistent but tbh I don't hate it either cause it does exert a decent amt of offensive pressure to get the spin off and sometimes you can emergency spin w it and that's good enough. Though more than anything I feel like you use spin as a set up move most of the time. Specs is there but idt its good.
:Hoopa: - Glowbro leaving the tier sucks a lot for hoopa as that was the prime opportunity you had to click w it. It's still a strong breaker, the defense and speed keep it on the honest side as it stands though.

B Tiers
:Arboliva: - Kind of a weird mon, pretty strong and pretty bulky, the initial CC weakness can be awkward when it can be pivot food for elecs
:Piloswine: - defeater of the broken jolteon and the stats are fine enough
:Magneton: - Still a good breaker
:rotom: - Phased out of the meta a bit, still has some decent enough traits to justify it though, being 1 pt slower than brux is quite sad
:Bombirdier: - I still like what it provides, but the shitty stats feel a fair bit more apparent as the general power level increases.
:passimian: :Sneasel-Hisui: - They're both fine mons still, just that we have some pretty hard to beat competition running around. With Ros, Croak, & Hera around you need to work a bit harder to justify them.

:Sandslash: :Houndstone: :Lycanroc: - Sands OK, not exactly a super reliable pick, but something you could realistically use and get away w. Could be a decent call every now and then.
:Naclstack: - Cures broken, just not broken enough to salvage an eviolite Rock-Type. At least a usable mon though.
:Electrode-Hisui: - Hard to justify in a Mowtom tier, but has some sorta fun traits.
:Chansey: - Shes not your blissey I'm sorry, this mon sucks.
:Coalossal: - I don't like him vmuch personally, bulks there and it has a solid enough pool of utility moves to be decent enough.

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